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East Crane (E&C/EC) is a leading manufacturer specializing in Airsoft and Gelsoft products, boasting a stellar reputation worldwide. With two decades of experience, they have cultivated an exceptional team of Airsoft/Gelsoft experts who have amassed a wealth of technological achievements in crafting internal Airsoft and Gelsoft components. This includes a highly dependable gearbox, a ground breaking proprietary spring system known as ECEC, and an outstanding Hop-up metal chamber, among other innovations.

When it comes to the external components of their Airsoft and Gelsoft  products, E&C’s team pays homage to the classics, by preserving the original aesthetics of the real steel, from the accessories to the replicas. Holding an E&C Gel Blaster replica is akin to holding a genuine firearm, evoking a sense of authenticity and attention to detail.

For over twenty years, E&C products have consistently earned recognition for their exceptional quality and professionalism. The E&C team is committed to delivering high-quality products with a remarkable appearance, all at a reasonable price.

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