XFT Illuminated LPVO Tactical Rifle Scope FFP 1.2-6X24

Unleash the sharp shooter in you with Sniper Scopes specially crafted for Gel Blaster Rifles. Perfect for both veteran Gel Ball snipers and those looking to up their game. Our Sniper Scopes offer crystal-clear vision, ensuring you can acquire and lock onto your targets with utmost precision. Take your gel blaster battles to the next level, hit your targets with better accuracy, and establish your supremacy as a sniper with the latest in Sniper Scope technology. The range of scopes to choose from, will allow you to enhance the look of your sniper blaster or carbine style assault rifle.

Note: Adding a Sniper Scope or Optics to you Gel Blaster Rifle, does not improve the performance or accuracy of the actual Gel Balls. Though it will give you a consistent centre point to aim at.

Please note: All scopes are full functioning replicas, but are not suited to use with real firearms.

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XFTactical Adjustable Zoom Sniper Rifle Scope 4-12×40

SKU: XFT-4-12x40-Scope
$144.95 Incl. GST

XFT Illuminated LPVO Tactical Rifle Scope FFP 1.2-6X24

SKU: XFT1.2-6
$224.95 Incl. GST

Spina Optics LPVO Tactical Rifle Scope BT 1.5-5X20

SKU: Spina-1.5-5X20
$119.95 Incl. GST

DB 98K Tactical Rifle Scope 3-7X28 to fit the Double Bell Scope Mount

SKU: xft3-7X28
$45.00 Incl. GST

Tactical Adjustable Optical Scope 6-24X50

SKU: SCP-62450
$145.00 Incl. GST

Tactical 2×42 Red and Green Dot Rifle Scope

SKU: YY0135
$49.95 Incl. GST

Bushnell Tactical Rifle Sniper Scope 3-9×40

SKU: xft3-9x40
$75.00 Incl. GST